Maidan Graphics

Publish date: 22.03.2019

Starting form December 2013 groups of artists and designers have created a number of posters which they have distributed online in high resolution format encouraging protesters to spread them and print them out. Maidan graphics in this archvie have been obtained from two main sources: retrieved from the Facebook group StrikePoster and provided by designer Eliash Strongowski.


The poster calls to use information as a tool of protesters. Author: Eliash Strongovski.

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After intial students' protests in support of signing the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement have faded out by the end of November 2013, the brutal police attack on the remaining protestors which took place in the early morning on 30 November 2013 have caused the erruption of the national scale protests which ended only in the end of February 2014 with president Viktor Yanukovych fleeing to Russia. Author: Eliash Strongovski.

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Many participants of the Maidan protests have been dissapointed with what seemed as appeasing position of the EU nad the USA towards president Yanukovych and later actions of Russia during annexation of Crimea. Author: Eliash Strongovski.

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Hundreds of people spent night shifts on Maidan during the winter of 2013-2014 to prevent authorities from dismantling barrikades constructed by the protesters. Author: Eliash Strongovski.

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The burning car tires became one of the symbols of the Maidan protests. Author: Eliash Strongovski.

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The sign reads: "Changing the country. We apoligise for the inconvenience". Author: Eliash Strongovski.

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